May 15, 2007

folksemantic web tools

The Center for Open and Sustainable Learning is in the process of building a number of tools that help users reuse and remix openly available web resources. All tools let users tag, share, and manipulate web resources. Tools are lightweight and generally single purpose. They are focused on developing semantic web applications based on folksonomic data. They are completely open and free to use. You can find a list of all these tools at our website...

Send2wiki lets users click a button and send the content of any web page to a wiki so that they can make a derivative work. Any content licensing metadata is inherited and retained.
Makeapath allows users to sequence web pages and share their "paths" with others.
Annorate lets people rate and annotate any web page, sharing those annorations with other users.
Ozmozr is a collaborative filtering system, a sharing tool, and an identity management tool that is about to be chopped into bits. We found that a large system will overwhelm users, so we are pulling it apart.
ContentLicensing is a plugin for Plone that allows users to license their works with a Creative Commons or GFDL license. It also lets site managers set a default site copyright license.

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